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World Improvers

The sea is made up of drops

According to the UN report, there are more than 1 billion volunteers in the world.

The volunteer is usually considered to be a person who makes his or her time available for free. But for us, a volunteer is also someone who, having no time available,

decides to donate money to those in need.


People who make their time available to others

or who donate money are


these are the examples that make concrete the hope of a world based on respect where everyone can live peacefully.


We want to aggregate all these people, make them protagonists, make them interact with each other, give them visibility and the right gratitude.


We want this global community to mark the beginning of a


If you want to help us ...


If you want you can help us spread these ideas by sharing the posts on social networks

and the initiatives we propose.


We promote ourselves above all with networking and the strength of word of mouth,

we do not buy advertising space in the press, television or radio,

unless offered to us.


If you will see us in a TV commercial or listen to us in a radio spot,

it will be because someone has trusted us.

5 X 1000

We have recently been officially registered in the APS lists of the third sector and in the RUNTS register, so your precious donations can be tax deducted in your tax return.
You can also dedicate your 5X1000, it's a voluntary choice that doesn't cost the tax payer anything because it's a share of the IRPEF that the state waives to allocate it to voluntary associations such as FIVE DROPS.

When you file the CUD-730-UNICO tax return, you can also allocate your taxes to FIVE DROPS by contributing to our activities and projects.

In this case, that's enough Your signature in the space reserved for voluntary associations and our tax code:
FIVE DROPS - 91050780245


Companies can support the FIVE DROPS association in several ways:

- with a liberal donation through the specific project, by going directly to the page Projects.

- giving us spaces in of the events already organized where there is a large audience and where we could use a small space to promote the association.

- technical sponsorship, where the company can make materials availablewhich could be inserted in the portal Givhelp (in this case there would also be a social showcase for the company that would put its logo and link to the site next to the donated property), or in the case of radio, TV or newspapers, spend time in columns, news or advertising spaces donated by the institution itself.

Dona il 5 x mille
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